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The most important dates in the history of PAT/PAP

In 1951 the Central Photographic Agency was established, while in 1991 PAT sent its last dispatch. We invite you to familiarise yourselves with the most important events in the history of the Polish Telegraphic Agency and the Polish Press Agency.

  • Fot. PAP

    The Polish Telegraphic Agency is launched. It is established by a group of Polish journalists, who in the autumn of 1918 took over branches of the Vienna Correspondence Office in Kraków and Lwów.

  • Fot. PAP

    PAT becomes autonomous and ceases to be an office.  At the time, detailed cooperation agreements are signed with the Havasa Agency in Paris and the Reuters Agency in London. The first permanent PAT correspondent centres outside of Poland are opened: in Berlin, Vienna, Paris, Rome, Königsberg and Moscow.

  • Fot. PAP

    PAT gains a new statute and becomes a state-owned enterprise.

  • Fot. PAP

    Following the evacuation of the Republic’s government, PAT also leaves the country. It’s work resumes first in Paris and then in London - alongside the Polish government in Exile.

  • Fot. PAP

    The communist authorities create the Polish press agency "Polpress", which from August 1944 operates in Lublin, and from the following year in Łódź and Warsaw. The name "Polpress" does not last long, and is soon replaced with the name PAP.

  • Fot. PAP

    The Chairman of the National Council establishes the Polish Press Agency as a state-owned enterprise.

  • Fot. PAP

    The Central Photographic Agency (CAF) is established as part of RSW "Prasa-Książka-Ruch.” It’s registered office is located at ul. Foksal 16.

  • Fot. PAP

    PAP, under a bill adopted by the Sejm on July 28, becomes a government agency operating as a publicly funded company. At the turn of 1989 and 1990, after long-awaited changes to the system, PAP also welcomes great changes in terms of technology and the journalism team at the agency.

  • Fot. PAP

    PAT posts its last dispatch and on February 27 at an extraordinary session of the PAP council, the two agencies merge. The last PAT editor, Ferdynand Pasiecznik, hands over copies of PAT news bulletins to the then president of PAP, Ignacy Rutkiewicz.  From this moment on, PAP becomes the second incarnation of PAT.

  • Fot. PAP

    Satellite transmissions of PAP services is launched via its own satellite station.

  • Fot. PAP

    New technology is introduced, enabling the electronic sharing of text materials and PAP databases, as well as the generating and sharing of photographic services.

  • Fot. PAP

    PAP begins supplying services to internet providers and the e-mail distribution of the PAP Online Daily Bulletin.

  • Fot. PAP

    PAP, which had already acquired its new photographic arm CAF, becomes a member of the European Pressphoto Agency (EPA). A self-standing economic service, PAP Biznes , is launched in the same year and offers the latest stock market and financial information.

  • Fot. PAP

    PAP launches the Local Government Service and Science in Poland. The latter starts its annual Populariser of Science competition in 2005.

  • Fot. PAP

    The website is launched, first under the name of It is a daily service focusing on the history of Poland in the 20th century.


Camera – action – PAP

Although much has changed in the world of journalism since the first PAT communiques, the reporters' tasks remain the same. Enduringly, for 100 years, journalists collect, compile and transmit daily information from home and from around the world. What does the work of an agency journalist look from the inside? We invite you to watch the film!

An exhibition marking the 100th anniversary of the Polish Press Agency

On the 100th anniversary of Poland regaining its independence and the establishment of the Polish Telegraphic Agency, with the Polish Press Agency being its second incarnation, we invite you to a photographic exhibition that will be on view in Warsaw from 17 September to 27 November at 1 Plac Europejski, Warsaw, in the Ghelamco Art Walk outdoor exhibition area.

PAP Centenary Gala at the Kubicki Arcades

In the atmospheric interior of the Kubicki Arcades at Warsaw’s Royal Castle, to the sound of jazz standards, a ceremonial Gala was held on Thursday, October 11, to mark the Polish Press Agency’s centenary. The celebrations gathered current and former PAP staff and friends of the Agency from the worlds of media, public administration, academia, culture and politics.

One hundred years of Polish history – through the lens

One hundred years ago Poland regained its independence. For this occasion, an album was created showing the country’s history in over 150 photos. In 1918, we regained our freedom, but after World War II, for several decades we were again unable to be ourselves, as Poland was engulfed in the darkness of communism. It was only at the turn of 1989/1990 that we underwent political transformation. Today, in democratic times, we remember that in our history how joy was interspersed with dramatic events. We invite you to partake in our photographic journey through time!

The Polish Press Agency in numbers

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    local branches

PAT Film Chronicles

From 1928 until the end of World War II, the "PAT Film Chronicle" was a regular feature. The newsreels contained an overview of the most interesting events from home and abroad. Today, it is a fascinating testimony to life in Poland, especially in the pre-war period. During its most popular period, "Kronika" was screened in almost seven hundred cinemas. It's time to start the show!

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